Logo for the 25 Years Diplomatic Relations Israel-Greece. 2015

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The Logo

A Folded Paper Bird, made of the flags of both countries, heading towards new worlds, Progressive and forward-thinking.



The Bird is generally thought to symbolize freedom, peace, endurance, independence and courage. It represents joy, wisdom and intelligence. A Bird in flight represents journeys to the future, light, hope and beauty. 


Why a folded Paper

The modern sense of diplomacy, “the management of international relations by negotiation” has a curious history. The original Greek word “diploma” from which it comes from, just meant a document that had been folded in two.

This word came into English with the same meaning as “a state paper or official document granting some privilege”, a usage which arose because in the days before the envelope had been invented documents of that kind were commonly folded and sealed to keep them private.



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