Kelly Covo lives and dreams in Athens, Greece. She studied Graphic Design

and Illustration at the Neri Bloomfield Academy of Art and Design in Haifa, Israel.

She enjoys illustrating children’ s books and recently she wrote and illustrated a story of her own. Her work has won awards and distinctions and much praise from critics. Her technique is a combination of pencil, ink, watercolours and digital.  

  • Best Picture Book Award 2020, by The Greek Section of IBBY for the book "What Do You Think Is The Most Precious Thing", by Lilly Lambrelli, Patakis Publishers, 2019

  • Nomination of " The Yellow Hats" for the Greek State Award 2018

  • Nomination of " The Yellow Hats" for the Best Picture Book Award Anagnostis 2018

  • Best Picture Book Award 2018, by The Greek Section of IBBY for the book " The Yellow Hats" Patakis Publishers, 2017

  • IBBY Honour List 2017 for illustration of the book " H Aplisti Xelona" by Sofia Madouvalou, Kalendis Editions 2015

  • Distinction, by the Circle of the Greek Children’s Book, for the illustration of the book " The Hen that became an Egg" by Sofia Mandouvalou, Ellinika Grammata Editions 2004

  • IBBY Honour List for the illustration of the book "The River runs to meet the Sea" by Maro Loizou, Kalendis Editions 1988

  • Illustration Award, by The Circle of the Greek Children’s Book, for the book " The Night runs to meet the Day" by Maro Loizou, Kalendis Editions 1988.


  • Crying Cloud, by Sofia Mandouvalou, Patakis Publishers, (new editionto be published 2020)

  • What Do You Say is the Most Prescious?  by Lili LambrelliPatakis Publishers,, 2019

  • The Boy that Fed the Hens Fairy Tales, by Sofia Mandouvalou, Patakis Publishers,, 2018

  • The Yellow Hats, witten and illustrated by Kelly Matathia-Covo, Patakis Publishers,, 2017

  • The Button of Love and the Prince that Remained Little, by Vaggelis Iliopoulos, Patakis Publishers, 2016

  • The Greedy Tortoise, by author Sofia Madouvalou, Kalendis Editions, 2015 

  • Who Made Pipi in The Mississipi, by Evgenios Trivizas, Ellinika Grammata Editions, 1998, Metaixmio Editions, 2013 (New Revised Edition).

  • Number Riddle Book, by Evgenios Trivizas, Ellinika Grammata Editions, 2004 , Metaixmio Editions, 2013.

  • Alphabet Riddle Book, by Evgenios Trivizas, Ellinika Grammata Editions, 2002 , Metaixmio Editions, 2013

  • The Hen that turned to Egg, by Sofia Mandouvalou,  Ellinika Grammata Editions, 2004.

  • A Calendar of Female Gender, by Sissy Kaplani, Papadopoulos Editions, 2002,

  • Santa Retires, by Rena Rossi Zairi, Ellinika Grammata Editions,, 1998

  • The Crying Cloud, by Sofia Mandouvalou, Kastaniotis Editions, 1997

  • I Am Writing to Say..., by Sofia Mandouvalou, Kanakis Editions, 1997

  • A B Pranks, by Sofia Mandouvalou, Kastaniotis Editions, 1996

  • The Magic Mirror, by Sofia Mandouvalou, Kastaniotis Editions, 1994

  • The River Run to Meet the Sea, by Maro Loizou, Kalendis Editions, 1988

  • The Night Run to Meet the Day, by Maro Loizou, Kalendis Editions, 1988





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